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Cheetah Finance Welcome Message

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Date Wednesday 5th December 2018
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Dear Concerned! 
Thank you for Joining Cheetah Finance!
It is an honor for us to write and share with you our investment plan regarding crypto currency, which is considered to be one of the most exciting trades nowadays. Cheetah Finance is the name of trust, which provides our investors an outstanding platform to trade in the crypto currency. As you are well aware that the world is shifting towards the most secure form of money i.e. Crypto Currency, so Cheetah Finance has created such a platform for the investors, from where you can trade your crypto currency for a daily return. With three easy steps of ‘Signup’, ‘Money Deposit’ and ‘Start Trading’, you can start your crypto-trade within a very secure environment, where your money is provided with an ultimate state-of-the-art security and $20, 000, 000 insurance from Aviva Insurance UK. The deposited funds are managed by Devere Group in Uk & taken safely into a cold storage, which provides the investors with a peace of mind while trading. It signifies that once you are trading with Cheetah Finance, you are left with 0% security risk factor. At Cheetah Finance, you get multiple currency investment options, which ultimately increase your chance to make huge profits . Our platform also comes with an opportunity foor hardworking sffiliates to make money by promoting, referinf and sharing our investment opportunities with friends & Families. Don’t miss the opportunity, just contact us, and start doing a safe Crypto trade with Cheetah Finance.      
Norman Gould
Cheetah Finance,
Tower 42, 25 Old Broad St
London, EC2N 1HN – UK